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Jia Qin Bao

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Jia Qin Bao

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Posted Date: April 20, 2006
This product that is made from natural humic acid, and is used as a fodder additive for animal adjustment. Specifications: 1) Appearance: powder 2) Active principle: 90% (min.) 3) Humic acid: 60% (min.) 4) Functions: a) Accelerating metabolism and appetitive b) Improving animal growth rates c) Increasing yield and quality of milk, eggs, meat and feathers d) Enhancing organism immunity to disease and antibiosis e) Reduces inflammation and hemostasis 5) Can be used to treat indigestion, enteritis, dysentery, asthma, scale damage etc in animals, with notable effects 6) Non-toxic and epiphenomenon as feed long term 25kg/paper bag G.W.: 25.15kg


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Mr. Wang Qi,Xin Yanqing

Company: Double Dragons Humic Acid Co., Ltd. Xinjiang
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